Acting duo comprised of Ljubiša Savanović and Jovo Maksić will star in the TV series Kosti (Bones), second part of Banja Luka trilogy. Kosta – name of both of the protagonists, is the only thing connecting these unusual destinies, that seem to be constantly intertwined.

Ljubiša and Jovo have already finished first part of filming and are not hiding their satisfaction with the fact that the main roles were entrusted to them. Considering that they have been preparing for Bones for months, they point out that in a certain way, the characters they interpret became a part of them.

Jovo Maksić

“When we talk about the series Meso (Flesh), I am definitely one of the biggest fans of that project and I can say that it’s one of the best series in the last few years. I said to myself – I would like to play this and my acting dreams somehow came true by getting this role. As they say – be careful what you wish for, maybe it will come true”, says Maksić.

The stars of the series emphasize the importance of this project for the future of the film industry in our region, but also for the fact that the center of cinematography of this region is expanding beyond Belgrade. They hope that they will meet expectations and, with a well-coordinated team of Bosonoga Production, present their characters as convincingly as possible.

“The role I’m playing is very interesting and I think it came at the right time. Personally, it is a great challenge for me and it’s really an honor to be a part of this great cast. We will not reveal all the names, but I can definitely say that great actors are working on this project and that the director has made an excellent casting choices”, says Savanović, who also had a notable appearance in Flesh.

Bones, which will air in fall of 2020, is co-produced by Radio Television of Serbia and Bosonoga Production from Banja Luka, directed by Saša Hajduković, written by Nikola Pejaković and produced by Brankica Janković.