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Who are we?
Festivals and Awards
What we offer?
Who are we?

Bosonoga Production was founded in 2009 and since then has a clear vision – to leave its creative mark with top production projects, primarily film and serial programs.

Bosonoga brings together professionals, who are able to apply their knowledge, love and passion into different types of projects, whether it is media or art content.

In 2019 Bosonoga moved to new modern studio, which gave us not only a perfect space, but also new energy for work.

Festivals and Awards
Film and TV show Meso (Flesh)
  • The Montreal World Film festival (competitive selection „World Competition “)
  • Film screenplay Festival – Vrnjačka Banja (3rd place – Nikola Pejaković)
  • Filmski susreti Niš (Igor Đorđević – special award Fipresci for best actor, Faketa Salihbegović Avdagić – special award for exceptional acting achievement, Marija Pikić – Award for exceptional actress)
  • Mediterranean and European Film Festival – Trebinje
  • Sarajevo Film Festival (BH film)
  • Mojkovac Film Festival – Award for best actress, Marija Pikić
  • Tuzla film festival – Otto Englander Award for best screenplay, Nikola Pejaković
  • Mostar Film Festival
  • Serbian Film Festival – Chicago
  • European Film Challenge – Sarajevo
  • SEEFF a Berlin – South East European Film Festival – Award for best actor, Nikola Pejaković
  • Festival int. du film policier de Liege
  • Cameramen’s Association BiH – Award for Best Cinematography in TV series category, Saša Petković and Dragan Radetić
  • Džada film festival – Podgorica
Kostakurta – Bajka o Satankrajini (Costacurta – Tale of Satankrajina)
  • Sarajevo Film Festival – Best BH Student Film Award
  • Kustendorf – Special mention, Saša Karanović
  • Serbian Fiction Film Festival – the best film from the countries of the former Yugoslavia
What we offer?
Film and TV production
We are primarily film and TV production company. We approach each project with absolute attention, and depending on client’s needs, we produce all phases, from idea conception to post production. We prefer to participate in the whole process, but we can offer our assistance in all phases, from screenwriting, creative development, casting, costume design or scenography, to filming and directing, and final processing - editing, color correction and sound processing.
Through many years of experience in the production of commercial content, we have gained valuable experience, and the necessary flexibility, which results in high-quality commercials tailored to the brand, message and budget. If you are looking for a production company that understands market trends very well, let us know, we will be happy to respond.
Music videos
When great lyrics and sound come together, it is our pleasure to give the entire story a complementary video. During many years of cooperation with music festival Demofest, we gained valuable experience and it will be our pleasure to apply it to your project.
Corporate videos
Whether it is a small or large business, local or international corporation, video presentation is indispensable in business communication. Our approach to making corporate videos is simple - good narrative, perfect shots and immaculate post-production.
Film studio
Adequate spaces are needed for the production of premium content. Bosonoga Production has two film studios with 500 m2 and 240 m2, with all the supporting facilities and equipment.

What they say about us?

After forty years of doing this job and taking stock of my life (without being pathetic, arrogant or self-pitying), I can say only one thing, and that is that the process is the most important thing that binds us to a certain project or role. Of course, we all want to be successful and have notable roles in good series and film. But that is not the only, nor the key measure of success. The process itself is what touches us, teaches us and fulfills us the most as artists. And finally, what we like to remember the most. And here I am now, working on the series Hotel Balkan produced by Bosonoga, and thinking how my life and professional dreams are coming true. These wonderful people, young, enthusiastic, professional and interested in their work, make me feel like I’m not doing a job, but as if I am at a wonderful family reunion, and I thank them for that. Everything I’ve done with them so far makes me dignified and proud. I don't want this wonderful dream to ever end.
Radoje Čupić, actor
“Success is getting what we want. Happiness is wanting what we get” - Dale Carnegie. That would be the most concise description of the work on Bones in two sentences. While watching the series Flesh, since I wasn’t able to be a part of the team that created the series. I really wanted to play in the second part of the trilogy – Bones. That would, according to the quote above, be considered a success. And happiness followed. That is the most accurate definition of the work and the relationship of the entire team. Professionalism, dedication, commitment, and it seems to me, a friendship that will last a lifetime. Wonderful collaboration with everyone involved with the series. I remember when the filming started, it seemed like a long and difficult road to go through. However, after three months of filming, I was really sorry this wonderful journey had come to an end. One big thank you to the entire Bones team led by director Hajduković. I love you people, you are the best!
Jovo Maksić, actor
When someone says the word, barefoot (Bosonoga), my first association is an unrestrained being, cheerful, alive, working, my own, bold, brave, idealistic, natural, strong, energetic, free, seductive. A being that walks and flies, that gives, plays, connects and knows where. And such is our Bosonoga. They couldn't have had a better name. A wonderful name for a wonderful team. It is an honor and a pleasure to know them and work with them. They are important for us, for this city and this region. Bosonoga writes and will write our little history. In my opinion, it is a completely normal NATURAL PHENOMENA. Go ahead, BARE FEET.
Nikolina Friganović, actress
While working with Bosonoga, I finally came across someone from whom you can learn how to do the job. And we are surrounded with those who teach us the wrong way. Bosonoga is proof that miracles are possible here and what a well-composed team means. I am sure that the best and most significant projects of this production are yet to come.
Ljubiša Savanović, actor