Feature length film and 9 episodes TV series

Directed by Saša Hajduković
Writen by Nikola Pejaković
Director of photography: Saša Petković, Dragan Radetić
Edited by Saša Karakaš
Composer: Petar Bilbija
Produced by Brankica Janković
Executive production: Bosonoga Production

Cast: Igor Đorđević, Nikola Pejaković, Branko Janković, Marija Pikić, Faketa Salihbegović Avdagić, Vuk Kostić, Ljubiša Savanović

120 minutes
Film length
9 episodes
Number of episodes
40 minutes
Episode length

Meso (Flesh) is a bitter-sweet story. The protagonists of this series are Mirko and Slavko – people whose names are evoking past, but who in their own way fight the misfortunes of the time in which they live.

Mirko is a mediocre football player at the end of his career, with an uncertain future in sports, who returns to his native Banja Luka where he finds a demented mother, an introverted brother and a girlfriend who, far from her home, cries out for attention and love, and finds them in wrong places.

He also found something else – his father’s barbecue restaurant, whose former fame left only faint reputation that their ćevapi are “better than Mujo’s”. Although its fate is uncertain, both due financial reasons and due to great plans equally great businessmen are forging for it. One of them is Slavko, Mirko’s childhood friend, who suddenly reappears in his former friend’s life, just when he needs him the most. Their destinies will be completely intertwined and affect the life stories of many people around them. While Mirko and Slavko are looking for their own ways to solving life’s problems, but also to answer how much humanity is still left in them.

This is a second big cinematographic project produced in Republika Srpska, which on its own has exceptional artistic and social impact, notably contributed by big names behind this project.

The bitter and brutal drama written by Nikola Kolja Pejaković, directed by Saša Hajduković, centered around the fate of one family, one city and one society was recognized, felt and loved by millions of viewers across the region.

Festivals and awards

  • The Montreal World Film festival (competitive selection „World Competition “)
  • Film screenplay Festival – Vrnjačka Banja (3rd place – Nikola Pejaković)
  • Filmski susreti Niš (Igor Đorđević – special award Fipresci for best actor, Faketa Salihbegović Avdagić – special award for exceptional acting achievement, Marija Pikić – Award for exceptional actress)
  • Mediterranean and European Film Festival – Trebinje
  • Sarajevo Film Festival (BH film)
  • Mojkovac Film Festival – Award for best actress, Marija Pikić
  • Tuzla film festival – Otto Englander Award for best screenplay, Nikola Pejaković
  • Mostar Film Festival
  • Serbian Film Festival – Chicago
  • European Film Challenge – Sarajevo
  • SEEFF a Berlin – South East European Film Festival – Award for best actor, Nikola Pejaković
  • Festival int. du film policier de Liege
  • Cameramen’s Association BiH – Award for Best Cinematography in TV series category, Saša Petković and Dragan Radetić
  • Džada film festival – Podgorica