TV series 120 episodes

Directed by Saša Karanović
B team directors: Saša Hajduković, Aleksandar Zahorodni
Writen by Nebojša Romčević, script supervisor Maja Noveljić, based upon and idea by Nikola Pejaković
Post production supervisor: David Gatarić
Edited by Aleksandar Jurić
Composer: Petar Bilbija
Production: Telekom Srbija
Executive production: Bosonoga Production
Producer and showrunner: Brankica Janković

Cast: Radoje Čupić, Goran Jokić, Saša Torlaković, Sanja Popović, Danilo Kerkez, Milica Glogovac, Slađana Zrnić, Miljka Brđanin, Ljubiša Savanović, Željko Erkić

60 episodes
First season
35 minutes
Episode lenght

“Hotel Balkan” is the first telenovela by Bosonoga Production that connects Banja Luka, Belgrade and the entire region through a modern, melodramatic story about a successful family that has its own future, but also its past. This is a story about a family that thinks it has stood on its own two feet and has no problems, but then hard and complicated times show their teeth. This is a story the audience in the Balkans can recognize as their life, as their problems. Of course, our reality cannot be “swallowed” without a story and a dream about a better, promised life, perfect and unattainable, far from here.

This series takes viewers on a journey in the 1930s, under the roof of the hotel, where the past and the present merge. The focus of the series is business of a prominent Banja Luka family, entangled in numerous intrigues. Generational gap, conflicts, struggle for inheritance, family sins and secrets permeate the lives of family members who own the hotel.

The script is based on the story by Nikola Kolja Pejaković, written by Nebojša Romčević, while the direction is entrusted to award-winning directors Saša Karanović and Saša Hajduković.