TV series 10 episodes

Directed by Saša Hajduković
Writen by Nikola Pejaković
Director of photography: Saša Petković, Dragan Radetić
Color grading and edited by Saša Karakaš
Composer: Petar Bilbija
Coproduction: RTS
Executive production: Bosonoga production
Producer and showrunner: Brankica Janković
Executive producer: Jelena Babić
Set designer: Mina Lazarević
Costume designer: Kristina Kostić

Cast: Jovo Maksić, Ljubiša Savanović, Aleksandar Đurica, Dragan Mićanović, Nikola Rakočević, Dejan Aćimović, Milica Janevski, Lea Sekulić

Number of episodes
45 minutes
Episode length

Kosti (Bones) is the second part of the Meso-Kosti-Koža (Flesh-Bones-Skin) trilogy that tells the story of people living in post-war chaos, a system in which family, social and cultural values ​​are completely destroyed.

The plot is located in Banja Luka and follows the lives of two people who, at first glance, are connected only by their name – Kosta. While Kosta Govoruša, a refugee from Krajina, is trying to survive with his sister Kristina by painting, Kosta Gajić is peacefully building a career with his beautiful wife Zorica by his side, director of a marketing agency.

Kristina’s job interview, advertising offer from Zorica Gajić and an act of violence in the insurance company “Astorija” with a well-known business man Mirko Kovač, will irrevocably connect fates of these two protagonists. This is a story of two outcasts who, affected by war trauma, cannot fit into a devastated and corrupt society. Everyone in their own way and everyone in their own time, will have their personal revenge…

The screenplay is the work of Nikola Kolja Pejaković and the director is Saša Hajduković. In terms of genre, Bones can be classified as a spy thriller, with many dialogues that, as in the case of Meso (Flesh), sound as if they were borrowed from everyday life. The series is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2020.