Long-awaited series “Kosti” (Bones) will premiere on August 18, 2020 at 10 pm in Bosnian Cultural Center, as part of the Series Preview program of this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival. The audience and critics will have a unique opportunity to see the first two episodes of this tense thriller, eagerly awaited by the entire region.

After the big success of the film and TV series “Meso” (Flesh), “Kosti” (Bones) is the second part of the Banja Luka trilogy. Series, premiering in the fall, is produced by Bosonoga Production from Banja Luka and Radio-Television Serbia, written by Nikola Pejaković, directed by Saša Hajduković and produced by Brankica Janković.

“We are extremely honored to premiere our series at the Sarajevo Film Festival. In artistic circles, this film festival is considered one of the most prestigious events, so we gladly accepted the invitation to be side by side with great film artists and achievements that the Sarajevo audience and all guests will have the opportunity to see” said Brankica Janković, producer and showrunner.

Serija Kosti_Bosonoga produkcija“Kosti” (Bones) brings a story of the after-war chaos, a system with destroyed family, social and cultural values. Set in Banja Luka, the series follows the lives of two men, at the first glance connected only by their names – Kosta.

“While Kosta Govoruša, a refugee from Krajina, tries to make ends meet with his sister Kristina by painting houses, Kosta Gajić peacefully builds his career with his wife Zorice, director of an advertising agency, by his side. Kristina’s job interview, Zorica Gajić’s advertising proposal and an act of violence in the insurance company Astoria, owned by a well-known businessman Mirko Kovač, will irrevocably connect destinies of these two heroes” says the series’s director, Saša Hajduković.

This is a story about two outcasts who, traumatized by the war, cannot fit into a ruined and corrupt society. Everyone will have their revenge in their way and in their own time. Hajduković adds that Bones illustrates how impossible it is to draw a line between good and bad; everyone is good and everyone is bad – only one thing distinguishes them: the desire for change, for repentance, for confession of one’s sins.

In leading roles are Jovo Maksić, Ljubiša Savanović, Dragan Mićanović, Aleksandar Đurica, Boris Isaković, Milica Janevski, Nikola Pejaković, Nikola Rakočević, Dejan Aćimović, Lea Sekulić and Nikolina Friganović.