After six months of preparation, the first shots of TV series Bones (coproduced by Radio Television of Serbia and Bosonoga Production) were filmed in Nova Varoš, Banja Luka neighborhood. In three months, at numerous locations, several hundred extras, as well as prominent local and regional actors will create a story that will glue viewers to TV screens.

Bones is the second part of Banja Luka trilogy, about people living in post-war chaos, a system in which family, social and cultural values ​​are completely destroyed. After great regional success of the series and the film Flesh, the creative team, led by screenwriter Nikola Pejaković, director Saša Hajduković, producer Brankica Janković, and directors of photography Saša Petković and Dragan Radetić has reunited again on this project.

“I am looking forward to work and create in the next three months, and to get the chance to work with so many talented and hard-working people again. I also hope for good luck on the set, because I’m sure that we’re doing something really valuable and significant “, explained the director, Saša Hajduković.

According to Brankica Janković, the producer of the series, the production team designed and prepared the smallest detail. “I am extremely proud that we managed, in these difficult times for culture, to gather strength and courage to work on this challenging and great production endeavor, and that this young and talented team of people has the opportunity to create in the same conditions as their colleagues in the region. “We owe great gratitude to Mr. Bujošević, the entire RTS team we work with, primarily for the fact that they recognized our enthusiasm and enabled us to give the opportunity to many young people from Republika Srpska to show their magnificent talents,” she said.

Bones, as well as Flesh, are important projects for Bosonoga Production, as well as for RTS, because this cooperation, in a concrete and highly professional way, started a serious story about the film industry in Republika Srpska and continued cultural cooperation between Banja Luka and Belgrade. Television ventures like these have put Banja Luka on the film map, not only of the region, but also of the world due to numerous awards and participation in festivals.