Nikola Pejaković, screenwriter and one of the actors of the TV show and film Meso (Flesh) won the Award for Best actor at 4th South East European Film Festival, held from 23 to 26 May 2019 in Berlin.

A jury composed of young artists, directors and screenwriters decided to award the prize in the “Best Actor” category to Nikola Pejaković emphasizing that his role left a strong impression and that the film left deep marks od their “flesh”.

“His acting actually stands out from the overall darkness that the film exudes and dazzles us with its lightness, but also with a combination of calmness and tension. The impression left by Nikola’s skill to bring this complex character to life must be respected, and that is why we decided to award him the award for best actor”, stated the jury comprised of Hanis Bagashov, Gledis Bica, Elisabeth Korn and Maria Vitanova.

For some time now, Flesh is winning over international audiences at numerous festivals in Europe, USA and Canada, and screenwriter Nikola Pejaković points out that, although this is not the first prize for this achievement, it is always good to know how the work of our artists is appreciated outside the Balkans.

“The film project Flesh really lives its festival life, and after numerous awards, I am always happy to receive a recognition. Although this time it’s for the best actor category, the credit goes to the whole team. I believe that the audience will react positively to the sequel of our story, the series Bones – the second part of the Banja Luka trilogy”, said Pejaković.

The same production team is working hard on the TV series Bones, to tell a story about Banja Luka.

Just like Flesh, the new part of the trilogy is directed by Saša Hajduković, based on the screenplay by Nikola Pejaković, produced by Brankica Janković, along with the directors of photographs, Saša Petković and Dragan Radetić. The series Bones is being co-produced by the Radio Television of Serbia and Bosonoga Production from Banja Luka.