The mysterious hotel Balkan attracted a lot of public attention on the Internet and social networks, and portal Mondo was the first to find out all the details.

Readers were particularly interested in the location of a hotel, built in the style of 1930s, and Mondo, in search of information, set out to find the hotel that takes guests back to the past.

“Many have noticed photos on social networks over the past few weeks and have bombarded us with questions about the location and room prices in Hotel Balkan. Now we can reveal that the hotel is located near Banja Luka, but also that it has already hosted its first guests – actors and film crew who are already filming the Hotel Balkan series”, said the director of the showrunner Brankica Janković.

We are in fact talking about a TV series Hotel Balkan, located in the film studio Bosonoga Production from Banja Luka, currently filming this new project of Telekom Serbia. By the way, this production company is a pioneer of cinematography in Republika Srpska, whose projects have been awarded at regional and international festivals.

The script of the series is based on the story by Nikola Kolja Pejaković, signed by Nebojša Romčević, while the direction is entrusted to the award-winning director Saša Karanović. The creators of the series Hotel Balkan, state that they will take viewers back to the 1930s, and that the past and the present will merge under the roof of the hotel.

“The family business of a respectable Banja Luka family, shrouded in numerous intrigues, is the focus of the series. The generation gap, conflicts, the struggle for inheritance, family sins and secrets permeate the lives of family members who own the hotel “, creators reveal.

And what other secrets are hidden in the rooms of Hotel Balkan, viewers will find out in the fall of 2020, when the first episode is scheduled to air on “Superstar TV”, one of Telekom Serbia’s premium channels with the best titles of regional film and serial productions are broadcast.